At AIA, both management and staff maintain a hands-on approach to work, ensuring we’re involved in what’s happening every step of the way.

It is this philosophy of professionalism and dedication to people – both clients and staff – that has seen AIA grow to the award winning business it is today. Built on a culture of respect, excellence, community, integrity and accountability. It is these five values that are the driving force behind AIA’s business.

From our trusted and accredited area supervisors to our frontline staff, AIA have combined personal talents with human capital to create an iconic enterprise in a highly competitive industry.

Based on the belief that we can’t dictate how it should be done if we haven’t done it ourselves – we believe providing exceptional service comes from the ability to understand the unique requirements of every client and our varying role with each.

Our staff are trained not only with practical skills, but also with the appropriate information and methods that will enable them to initiate business solutions, providing a better service. Our varied and extensive list of clients is a testament to this work method and guarantee of future success.