Flu Vaccinations - AIA and Health Watch Australia

As a cleaning company we always look out for personal hygiene and health. At AIA, we strive to eliminate the existence of the flu within the workplace, but more importantly the significance to have a clean and healthy workplace. In conjunction with Health watch Australia, we ensure to communicate the importance of keeping a compliant environment.

Listed below are a few interesting facts and key points that highlight the significance of being aware of the Flu vaccination process and how it may affect your workplace.

How the flu affects businesses in Australia

•    1,500,00 lost work days annually
•    300,000 doctor visits
•    18,000 hospitalizations

Simple facts about the flu

•    One sneeze can spread the flu up to a meter
•    Other people can give you the flu from anywhere, even outside the work place
•    The flu can be obtained without the knowledge of any symptoms

How can the flu affect your workplace?

The flu vaccination is an essential component to any business. It provides the positive reinforcement of healthy employees. Typically when an employee is infected with the flu it can take up to two weeks for the employee to return to work. Once the employee has returned to work after being infected with the flu, there is also the same issue of the employee’s performance rate being twenty to forty percent. With employees taking leave for up to two weeks and returning to work with an extreme diminished work rate, makes the vaccination essential to any functional business. Other issues such, as spreading the virus is common. Once the virus has been spread it becomes too hard to monitor employees, leaving your business vulnerable for weeks on end with lack of staff.  By holding an on site vaccination clinic means staff do not need to take time off to visit their own doctor or nurse.  It is calculated that the vaccination program returned savings 2.5 times the cost of the program. In all to protect your staff and workplace community ensure that the flu vaccination is available to all workers on site.